We are Winners !!

The Captain Of Nakasengere Primary School hoisting the trophy after emerging winners of The First Edition

Glory Of A Crown

Mr Joseph Bagambaki Karisa giving a medal to one of the participants

We Are Lucky We Came !!

Some Of The People that Showed Up to give morale To The girls

We played Rich !!

The winners Being Awarded their cash prize by the chief guest

A Match For The girl Child

Members carrying Out A Community Drive to Sensitize residents about the advantages of girls Soccer

We Are A Team

One of the teams poses for a photo before the match


To ensure sustainable livelihood of people living in rural areas of Uganda by ensuring community participation using local resources and empowering them with skills.


To improve the standards of living in Ugandan rural homes.


Innovation ,Creativity, Trust & Integrity


To improve access to sustainable livelihoods, entrepreneurial opportunities and productive resources by working with people & communities in Uganda


To ensure establishment of saving groups in 74 villages, young savers clubs in 50 schools and innovative startups of at least 70 economic projects with these groups by 2025

About Us

Usikate Tamaa is a social enterprise registered in Uganda operating in rural areas of Kiboga District. It was founded by a group of fellows in 2018 under a fellowship programme of Building Tomorrow Uganda (NGO) with an aim of galvanizing communities in Uganda to transform their schools into thriving places of growth and education.

Our Services

Events And Products

Usikate Tamaa Girls Soccer

Football is the world’s most well managed sport in the world with a fan base of over half of the entire world population and with this, it has managed to become the most earning sport in the world. With it, we have seen people who are involved acquire wealth, physical fitness, broken racial barriers and surpassed all kinds of sterotypes around the world. However, in kiboga there are many stereotypes that are surrounding a girl child and other marginalised groups of children in society and in order to stamp them out, we started an annual girls soccer tournament to have all these children have a platform to prove to the world that as far as we are all human, we are all entitled to the same freedoms and rights.

Usikate Natural Cow Ghee

We have come up with cowghee processing as a product to help us raise funds keep our skilling programme alive. This cowghee is packed natural and no additives in it. It comes in 350 and 500 grams at 10,000 Ug.shs and15,000Ug,shs respectively. With the income from the ghee, we expect to get more money to equip youth,adults and also expand the ghee processing by introducing flavors and having modern ghee processors,create employment,opportunities among other things. You can contact and support us to place your order online. Our team shall get in contact with you as soon as possible for delivery.