To ensure sustainable livelihood of people living in rural areas of Uganda by ensuring community participation using local resources and empowering them with skills.

To Improve access to sustainable livelihoods, entrepreneurial opportunities and productive resources by working with people & communities in Uganda.

Empowering people living in poverty and their Organizations through business trainings and skilling.

To improve the standards of living in Ugandan rural homes.

To support the development of policies which promote social justice and combat poverty

To raise awareness about poverty, encourage debate about solutions through vsla’s, young savers clubs among others.

To ensure establishment of saving groups in 74 villages, young savers clubs in 50 schools and innovative startups of at least 70 economic projects with these groups by 2025




And Trust

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About Usikate Tamaa

(Usikate tamaa) is a social enterprise registered in Uganda operating in rural areas of Kiboga District. It was founded by a group of fellows in 2018 under a fellowship programme of Building Tomorrow Uganda (NGO) with an aim of galvanizing communities in Uganda to transform their schools into thriving places of growth and education. We came up with this enterprise through the developmental nurturing of Building Tomorrow fellowship programme where we were able to sustain these schools in a thriving position, keep children in school while empowering communities at large. "USIKATE TAMAA " literally means "Never give up" born from our own point of view that when communities in rural areas come together, they can put an end to poverty, illiteracy rates, unemployment, hunger thus increasing household incomes,Usikate Tamaa has been able to achieve this through carrying out leadership and mindset change trainings, financial literacy trainings,Business trainings,practical skills ranging from making jewellery,paper bags,bars of soap,liquid soap,baking,among other things to be able to improve their livelihoods.

Our Team

Ainomugisha Micheal

Ceo and Founder

Kyokushaba Stella

Assistant Ceo and Co-Founder

Ssaabwe Innocent

Finance Officer

Bahimbisomwe Gladys

Grants Officer

Nassanga Juliet

Communications Officer

Lumu Robert

Funds Officer

Mugyenyi Patrick

Operations Officer

Ayikobua Walter

Business Development Officer

Nanyenya Godfrey

Funds Office