Usikate Tamaa Girls Football Tournament Fundraising

Usikate Tamaa girls’ soccer tournament is a football competition amongst girls under the age of eighteen in primary schools of Kiboga District, Uganda. The first edition of this tournament took place on the 16th of February ,2019 to the 1st of March ,2019 and had the Finals competition at Bukomero Junior grounds, Kiboga District. This garnered a lot of support from KIboga District local government officials, companies, non-governmental organizations and high profile individuals in Uganda in support of Having girls stay in school through sports. This was the first ever held girls’ soccer tournament in KIboga District with more than 500 girls participating from 28 primary schools. This saw many gender stereotype roles fought amongst the girls, increase in enrolment of children in school,brand visibility of the schools,girls in leadership positions in schools among other things. This has seen the creation of 28 new girls football teams in the 28 primary schools. The tournament further sparked off a critical dialogue amongst the District leadership on having all schools participate in the 2nd edition of the tournament slated for June 2020 with over 100 primary schools participating putting the number of girls participating in playing soccer to 2,000 girls and over 100 new girls soccer teams created.

Usikate Tamaa girls soccer tournament 2nd edition 2020

Usikate Tamaa girls’ soccer tournament[UTGST] is an annual event that brings together young primary school girls in rural areas to participate in competitive soccer as a tool for nurturing and mentoring girls and to embrace educating children while harnessing their talent to fight negative stereotypes surrounding them. UTGST is hinged on the necessity to leverage on the potential of girls in these communities and harness their abilities of talent in building their capacities to engage meaningfully in participating in girl child empowerment, reduce early child marriages, school dropouts, child labor and protecting their rights. The 2020 edition shall be hosted in Kiboga district from 28th of February to 27th of March,2020 and shall seek to achieve the objective of educating girl children to influential voices of social and economic empowerment.